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Online Booking

·         Help new patients find you and increase your take home pay with our Doctor’s Corner Portal

·         Patients complete their intake forms with Online Check-in, streamlining the visit and ensuring you have all relevant health information beforehand

·         Gather feedback with post-visit surveys to showcase positive patient stories

·         Easily manage new appointment requests within your EHR (Electronic Health Record)




A schedule for every practice

·         Check your schedule from home or on the go so you’re always prepared for your day.

·         Free, unlimited appointment reminders for your patients means fewer no-shows and more take-home revenue for your practice.

·         Recurring appointment management allows you to easily manage patients with chronic conditions and reduce double-entry.

·         Replicate your current workflows with customizable event types, blocked time and multiple facility management.

·         View multiple provider schedules side-by-side to find appointment availability quickly.





Keep your patients informed

·         Send unlimited free messages / e-mails to all patients booked in Doctor’s Corner about your clinic, health checkup camps and new practices introduce in your clinic which will help you to leverage your patient base.

·         Instantly share lab results, medications, diagnoses, care plans, immunization history, and more.






·         Spend more time with patients by managing refills with just two-clicks and sending multiple prescriptions in a single order.

·         Frequent prescriptions and pharmacies are saved for easy selection.

·         Specialty-specific medication lists are created automatically from frequently prescribed medications.





·         Send a referral and attach a chart note directly from your charting workflow

·         Create or customize referral templates to speed up your referrals

·         Run your office smoothly and collaborate on patient care with staff, nurses, and other providers with secure direct messaging

·         Collaborate with other providers on the Practice Fusion network through Direct Messaging

















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